The truth of freelancer came in front of everyone

Nowadays the freelancer is very headlined. That's because this time freelancer has done the biggest fraud. According to the news, the freelancer can be prosecuted under the U.S.A cyber ​​crime act and may also have to pay a fine. At present, it is not known whether any of those accounts are closed, will they be able to open their accounts again?

The problems of the people have increased because their very large amount of money is stuck, now people can face a lot of trouble to withdraw their money. That's why if you are thinking of coming to freelancer then take the right decision. And who is already a freelancer user, switch from freelancer as soon as possible and work on another website.
Many people have launched a revolution against the freelancer on social media and have started some hashtags, now you people are also careful and have survived such scams.
If you are facing any problem related to freelancer, then comment us in the comment box. Use the #SCAMLANCER hashtag running on social media.

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